3 Places Where Houses Are Cheaper Than A New Car

cardboard box house

Desirable residences for under £25,000

Over the years, home ownership has come in and gone out of vogue on a regular basis. In recent times, so called experts predicted that renting a property would be the preference for what they saw as a highly mobile workforce, ready to leap around the country in search of ever increasing wages. What they didn’t take into consideration was the spiraling rental costs (in some cases, it’s actually more expensive to rent than it is to buy). Some of you were lucky enough to get on the housing ladder and started climbing the slippery rungs as if the flames of financial purgatory were licking at our boots. Others weren’t.

For those less fortunate individuals the eternal cycle of being unable to save for a mortgage because of rising rental costs forced many into moving back in with their parents. It’s at this point that I’d usually make a joke about creaking sounds in the still of the night but…

Anyhow, given the nigh on impossibly high hurdles the money lenders set for first time buyers it would appear that the mum and dad really were you saviours. But, fortunately, there are still houses that just about anyone can afford. In fact, I’ve dug out thre examples of homes for sale that will cost you less than the price of a car.

Houses like these…

Buy A House In Stoke For £1

stoke houses for £1

Well, if nothing else, it looks pretty secure!

Less than car. in fact, less than a portion of fish and chips (not 1985 when you could get it for 95p!)

Run down area – don’t bother buying car as it’ll get nicked. Can a house be stolen? Employment levels low unless you’re half inching loaves of bread for a crime syndicate. Part of £3 million scheme to get owners into run down houses. Crime wave. Have to renovate and live there for 5 years before you can sell. Balls of steel or forming own vigilante group.

There are reports that the area has attracted arsonists, squatters and burglars which is bring down prices of houses in surrounding areas. If you want to buy, I suggest you pick up some body armour and fire extinguishers with the savings you make.

A New Start In Bishop Auckland for Less than £10k

bishp auckland house under 10k

Oops! Since I published this article the asking price rose to £12k.

There’s a standing joke in the closed ranks of petrol heads that goes something like this: most cars that come with a price tag of less than £10,000 are either a pile of junk or are very environmentally friendly i.e. they’re broken down! This is not true. Take the fabulous Toyota Aygo (and hide my shame at driving a car like this): yours, on the road for only £7,500. But what about houses that are selling for less than 10k? Bishop Auckland, County Durham, has a huge selection of houses for sale, many of them in the £10,000 region.

Ok, some of them might be more more of a ‘green’ home than you’d ordinarily expect (missing doors, holes in the roof, etc) but, at these prices, can you really argue? Besides, rumour has it that windowless, wooden front doors that look like barricades are all the rage right now.

Four Beds In Northumberland For £25k

northumberland house 25k

Bet you weren’t expecting to see something this impressive for under £25k?

Ever had the desire to taste a little bit of gangster chique? You know what I mean: jack a hot part of wheels complete with tinted windows and bodywork so menacing that it would make the devil wet his pants in fear. Ok, maybe we’re taking it a little too far but you have to admit that the Volkswagen CC 2.0 is a pretty impressive looking beast – and it could be yours for less that £25,000. Which naturally leads to the next destination in our whistle stop tour of houses for less than the price of a car: Northumberland.

If you’re looking for something all the family can fit into but at a price that won’t cause your heart to palpitate, then you’re in luck. With four beds, a garden big enough to host a game of hide and seek with every neighbour in the street you’d be forgiven for thinking this town is out of your price bracket. Fear not, all of the above can be yours for a mere £25,000. As an added bonus, if you decide commuting to London is still an option then you can be there in a ‘mere’ three hours!